Clifton View 7

Posted on Mon, 4 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

Perched over dramatic boulders with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles mountain range, this double-level apartment in Clifton, Cape Town, South African has been stripped and reconfigured to create the ultimate luxury pad. Cocktail bar, wine cellar, cinema room, gym, bespoke detailing, extensive art collection and an infinity pool to match the view… check! Another amazing project that could only be by Antoni Associates.

Kelly Heat says:

Marvellous designs. The looks are incredible. Everyone would want a house like that!

maja says:

only money 🙁

Peter Scorer says:

Getting tired of these bombastic houses in Cape Town, SA.
All of them look like overly appointed generic hotels. Bland as vanilla. Devoid of quirky personality. Not interesting.

@Peter Scorer: I'm glad to finally read a comment on of these blogs of a person that isn't blinded by bombastic interiors. The house isn't bad, but totally lacking personality. You can't get a feeling of who the people living there are, which is the real art of an interior designer. Also I believe it's a really easy thing to design a huge space with a shitload of money, even with only a minimun of talent. 🙂 But however, the usual blogs by are actually inspiring. Just not this one so much. 🙂

Mike says:

I agree it's lacking personality however it's location is absolutely amazing ….makes Bondi and the likes look like something the cat dragged in LMAO !

Patrice says:

I can only partially agree with the critical comments. True money does not buy you style and taste. True the bedrooms and the home office are dull. But the living room, dining room and stair case are not bad at all. The mix of styles in furniture and wall art is interesting. The location speaks for itself. I am a big proponent for blending ethnic and/or antiques with contemporary.

Arrielle P says:

Pool near the sea! Oh I love places like that! Such a gorgeous place to be – love the bed, the lights, the view… everything!

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