A compact loft

Posted on Wed, 13 Feb 2013 by KiM

If you’ve got to live in a small space, why not make it a loft? Nothing like soaring cielings to make you forget how little square footage you actually have. That’s why I love this little downtown Salt Lake CIty, Utah loft for sale by cityhomeCollective. It’s a 452 sq ft space with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom over 2 floors with a little patio to boot. LOVE the brick exterior, original hardwood and exposed ductwork. A funky bachelor  pad(or bachlorette if you throw in some feminine touches).

DKJ says:

I love this. Only problem is that there's just one bathroom…upstairs. Would have to keep your room very clean if you were to have friends over. Not to mention the lazy factor of being downstairs and having to run up for a quick bathroom break.

Ko-Shin says:

cute! reminds me of a place I lived in in Brooklyn! Can u find me a place in Barcelona! haha- I live here now – wanna come visit! I LOVE this blog! Its like my morning cup of coffee ­čÖé

I am completely crazy about lofts. Love the industrial feel to this one

Sparky says:

It is a sweet pad and the location is in the thickest of a very creative arts community in town. It's near the seasonal farmers' market, Caputo's Italian market and funky shops and cafes. If you work downtown SLC, it's a quick bus ride or good healthy walk to work! Fun to see something from our town posted here on my favorite international design blog! Thank you! xSparky

Peter says:

The staircase needs to be covered. Otherwise all the dirt, cobwebs, pet hair, leaves, gunk, fecal materials and other things one's shoes pick up on the streets will end up as seasoning of the medium-well steak on the dining table.

Jeannette says:

Great place but where's the fridge?

Sparky says:

To Jeannette: My guess is that the owners of this home have already moved out and the place is staged for sale. I have learned since living in this part of the world that owners typically take their refrigerators with them. A puzzling convention to me. I had to buy a fridge for my current home because the owners took theirs and I didn't have one from my former home to haul over, for example. :o)

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