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Posted on Tue, 19 Feb 2013 by KiM

LOVE this renovated home in London designed by ade architecture. Classic from the front with a modern surprise at the back. It’s bright, and appears very spacious, with the help of 6 metre high sliding glass panels. SWEET!!

wilobianket says:

Don't know how one gets away with it………those stairs are illegal in the uk.
Love it

rooth says:

I really do like those types of homes – open, clean and crisp. This is definitely a retreat from the hustle and bustle

mish says:

Sterile house. Sterile garden. Lean and boring design. Floting staircase without a guard rail…..yeh, right.

Joshua says:

@ Mish – it is called minimalism and for many people (including myself) it is a calm, tranquil retreat from the chaos of city living. I understand that for many people minimalism seems sterile and uncomfortable – and i respect your opinon in that regard – but your criticism of someone's house and personal taste is far too harsh. The design is good (and thoughtful)… you simply don't like it…. Which is fine – but perhaps your comment could show more respect for other people's taste. There is good in everything if you look for it.

Zuley says:

I will always love blind stairs like these.

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