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Posted on Sun, 24 Feb 2013 by KiM

Before I get into the juicy bits of this post, I thought I’d let you in on a little tidbit of info. Monday when Jo heads home from Sydney, I’ll be flying in to my favourite vacation destination – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Winters here in Ottawa SUCK, they are long and cold and this year, very snowy. I am sick of this weather and desperately need to get away from it and my chaotic life. I will be spending 9 days enjoying the sun, sand, sangria but not to worry, I have been working my a** off double time this past week getting posts ready to publish during my absense so you won’t even miss me. I can’t freaking wait!

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Fantastic Frank

Fantastic Frank

Suvi sur le vif



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Nuevo Estilo

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Lovely Life

AT Casa

Marta says:

Have a great time! I'm completely jealous since Mtl winters are just as bad.

KiM says:

Thanks Marta!

atma says:

Sounds lovely! Oh, and that floor on the first picture, where the wood and the tiles interact – fantastic! I will have to find a way to make that idea work in my home

I just got back from my first trip to Puerto Vallarta: all the papaya I could eat, heavenly sea water and miles of beach to walk on (hatched turtle eggs!), and the most blissful $20 beach massages. And probably not a bad thing to get away from the internet, somewhat. Have a wonderful time!

Morgan Taylor says:

I would like to contact you and ask a dew questions about your wonderful Blog. Desire to Inspire was my first Blog. I fell in love at first sight . Would it be possible for you to answer a few questions when you return? Have a great time on your trip…..Jealous. I am on Pinterest my Profile Pic.. The Great Dian Vreeland !

Tones fantastic! My oh my, and that also surface to the first of all snapshot, from where the hardwood and then the flooring play tutorial superb! Make it happen really need to find a way to help make the fact that option deliver the results around my your home

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