Clarisse Reade

Posted on Tue, 5 Mar 2013 by KiM

Clarisse Reade is an interior designer from Brazil who is apparently not a fan of minimalism. Layer upon layer of funiture, art and knick knacks appears to be Clarisse’s signature style and I think she does it really well. None of these spaces look overly crowded and instead of wanting to run and hide, I want to devour every inch. Lovely spaces. (Hope the owners have housekeepers – can you imagine dusting those shelves??)

So much elegance and sophistication all around. There's nothing quite like seeing a room you fully admire.

Jane says:

Love the layering, the artwork and knick-knacks. Although agree with you on the dusting!

rooth says:

Wow, that's quite a collection of neatly organized things. I suppose I would want to display them all proudly if I had invested time collecting them (and hire someone to do the cleaning for sure)

I'm curious what kind of shelf lighting that is because it illuminates so beautifully

Zuley says:

Woah, overdose of art. Really need to take these one at a time.

Marcela says:

She's was a great interior designer in Brazil !

dorothy in Ft. Lauderdale says:

Incredibly beautiful! The use of naturals with gold and black accents adds elegance.
I would enjoy the art and wouldn't fret over a bit of dust.

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