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Posted on Sun, 10 Mar 2013 by KiM

Mrs Jones and Raw are on my new hit list also. Great to see some wonderful new blogs to be inspired by.

I like your choise so much!

yvonne says:

I love these posts – always nice being introduced to new blogs… =)

Marta says:

Great blogs, fantastic pictures. I noticed that most of them show bright, almost white interiors. Which brings me to something I'd like to ask your opinion about: black (or dark grey) walls. I am considering painting one of my living room walls dark. It's not a huge room (not small either: about 20' by 13'), its current color is a light grey-beige (Behr's "wheat bread"), there is a large window along the longer wall and a fireplace along one of the shorter ones – that's the one I'd like to paint. I know that it's hard to advise without more info, but what do you generally think of the idea of "accent walls"? Thanks!

Gorgeous gorgeous. Just checking them all out now. (The couple that I haven't seen before) Happy Monday to you. xxx

KiM says:

GO FOR IT Marta. Greige, IMHO, is a pretty boring colour, so I am betting your walls could use a bit of drama. I'm all for accent walls.

peggy says:

Kim, I love these posts. Kinda reminds me of your flickr faves, which I've been missing (although I understand why you're not doing them, flickr has become a big of a pain). I can't seem to get enough of Scandinavian design. I am loving those Batik inspired pillows.

jennifer says:

thank u!!!!!

rooth says:

I really don't think I've seen a more cheerful kitchen than the one at tonemelonedesign – way to cheer up a dull Monday!

Mrs Jones says:


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