Reading in bed again

Posted on Thu, 21 Mar 2013 by midcenturyjo

A library in the bedroom or is that sleeping in the library? A perfectly sexy setting if books are your fetish. Interior design by Andrew Waller of Mr Waller.

romy says:

Totally sexy!

Michelle says:

Great timing! Next week's blog I'm writing is on home libraries! I'm going to link up this article as it is awesome!

Helen says:

Wow, thanks for linking his site. What an amazing portfolio.

I have just put my bedroom bookcase inside the closet: my best friend has built bookshelves floor to ceiling in her bedroom, every available space.
I borrow her books.

Nix says:

Wow! That looks amazing.

Mr Waller says:

Thanks for your kind comments- yes this was a room we didn't want to leave once completed

Mr Waller

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