The rainbow house

Posted on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 by KiM

I found this 4 bedroom London maisonette a while back on Foxtons real estate site, and haven’t gotten around to blogging it. Not surprising, it’s still for sale. Not an easy sell I’d say. How many people could handle these colours, or be into having slides from one floor to the next? Do you think the batman statue comes with it? I do find the floor art by Richard Wood to be pretty fun (although overkill in every room!), and OMG it has a 360 degree rotating bed (by Asmech). All of this can be yours for £4,999,999.

Jane says:

It's like a Dr Seuss house! I'm sure kids (especially boys) would love it!

Vincent says:

I love the slide above the bed 🙂 ! Nice idea ! I also appreciated stairs, nice colors.

Faye says:

I like all of them! House reflects one's personality. Since it is colorful, I believe that the homeowner is a happy person.

Katie says:

I love it, if I had the money I'd move my little family over there! I think on days when you get out on the wrong side of your rotating bed a slide to the kitchen & subsequently the coffee would be just what you need!
I think one room that was just quiet and perhaps hidden would make this place perfect for a young busy family!!
Pitty about the price though as I'm not sure any young family who would appreciate it could afford it! There is something to be said for design being priced appropriately for its ideal market!

DonnaO says:

O h No! The world would not stop spinning. What surprises me is the overall effect is so cold….I would not have expected that. I was house hunting recently in Melbourne and stumbled across a house with fireman's poles in nearly every room (…my partner was cheeky enough to add that they would make great pole dancing stations!) and a rock climbing wall along the staircase…..most of the floors were red! Not quite my cup of tea.

Budgie says:

Surely Wallace and Grommit would love this house!!!!

oh holland says:

Holy crap, Batman!

Rachel says:

I absolutely love this house, it has such personality! The floors are all beautiful, whatever would be too much I'd just throw an area rug down to break it up a bit. All the color is great, and I'm sure the slide makes it that much more fun to live in.

Bongo Wongo says:


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