Jamie Bush update

Posted on Tue, 16 Apr 2013 by KiM

It’s been ages since I blogged┬áthe work of California interior designer Jamie Bush. I love mid-century spaces so I’m a big fan of his as MCM seems to be one of his specialities. And he might have an ever bigger crush than I do on Serge Mouille lighting.

oregonbird says:

The last picture seems so potentially lively — furniture that you can imagine having a bit of a good time all on its own. The red carpet definitely helps. I was really enjoying this — the bedrooms are particularly good — right up until THAT ELEPHANT showed up, again.

Jamie says:

love this house! Mid-century inspired but still feels fresh and now too.

Markus says:

I feel it's the ceilings/roofs of mid century homes that give them so much character compared to just modern houses of similar minimalist designs etc.

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