Jordens Arkitekter – inside

Posted on Wed, 17 Apr 2013 by KiM

Some creative googling recently led me to the website of Stockholm architecture firm Jordens Arkitekter. This is a creative bunch who really knows how to maximize space and creates dwellings that allow the homeowners to fully appreciate their surroundings – more on that in the next post. (I have to say that the FULLY carpeted bedroom has left me thoroughly perplexed though…)

tyson says:

Truly unique and beautiful rooms. What an eye. I love the carpets.

oregonbird says:

The dining room with the bentwood chairs was tres civilized; the star needed removed, though, that was egging the beer a bit. The dressing room chest/seat was brilliant, I want it in mottled leather, or rose velvet. That desk — thing! Legs… so many legs. It was just wrong, in the best way.

Markus says:

Love love the kitchens, especially the first one in black with the gaggenau.

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