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Posted on Wed, 17 Apr 2013 by midcenturyjo

This was in our inbox earlier this week… “Thought you might want to feature this beach house for a property stalking post. I think it’s all awesome except the animals on the walls.” I happen to agree. I could happily move into this Red Hill South home set on open acres with tennis court and ocean views. Just think I might have to move the zebra and definitely the goat to somewhere less obvious. Perhaps to one of the nearby vineyards. Yes tennis court, ocean views and a short stumble to vineyards. I would normally say “Link here while it lasts” at this point but the link has disappeared. Oh well at least I saved the pictures first. A big thank you goes out to fellow real estate and zebra stalker Markus  for the original link.

oh holland says:

Anyone who thinks displaying animals killed as trophies is in good taste is sick.

Lara says:

What lovely spaces and the views from all the rooms are amazing!
And the shower, wow, it´s as if you´re standing outside! Very inspiring.

sarah says:

Love the mix of sleek and rustic. Would love to see animal paintings instead of animal trophies, though.

superdutch says:

Animal trophies are only okay if they can be accompanied by the stuffed heads of at least one person who killed them. Now THAT would be more fair, would it not.

As for the ocean views and the garden. Oh well, I suppose I could get used to those if I have to. Sigh…

Tracey says:

That zebra head is one of the saddest things i've ever seen. Just awful.

Ashli says:

Lets all pretend the heads are fake. Then my heart can handle envying the entire space!

Tracey says:

Let's not pretend they're fake and just not promote this kind of animal cruelty instead. Ugh!

oregonbird says:

Not to get all political (okay, yes, just a bit) but humans have been trophies right along with animals from the beginning of time. If you have a collection of teapots or window crystals, you are motivated by the *same* instincts and desires as any big game hunter… and express them in the same fashion.\. It's no good getting together to admire the homes of people who excel at taking more than they ought to have, and then sneering at the visual evidence that yes, they do indeed take from creatures, four-footed *or* two-footed, who would really rather keep what they have to themselves.

At least they have no taste. Really, this is as boring as it gets.

Lea says:

I don't mind it actually, well not the animal heads but most of the rest of it. oregonbird it right though, a lot of the houses on these sites leave a huge footprint on the planet it's just not as obvious as taxidermy.

Markus says:

Wow coolies. Glad you posted it! And glad you enjoyed it too!

My dislike for the animals was more just a personal aesthetic, rather than being all moral or judgemental/environmental. And thus, were the only things I would change in these spaces. I think all the natural materials and such are awesome. Minimalist but highly textured and relaxed. A goat thing galloping above my pillows etc. just didn't seem to match the mood of the rest of it all.

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