Dark boy

Posted on Mon, 22 Apr 2013 by midcenturyjo

Dark and moody. The room, not the teenage boy I can see dumping piles of clothes in the corner and stayying up late into the night by the glow of a computer screen. By Sydney based Designers In The City.

This is a great boys room, half the boys I know have very few positions on their rooms!


oregonbird says:

I love all the components, they're stunning. Despite the lack of space, however, I would want to find a way to a different visual balance. It would probably involve changing to a smaller bed — sorry, teenage boy! — or opening the closet, and setting the bed in there. A wooden cupboard matching the desk, or a mirrored Ikea wardrobe.

Marc says:

Is it the room from the XX music band ? Because it defenitly could be. The decoration is in the same spirit than their music.

Catherine says:

wow. This is my son's bedroom. He loves it and yes, there are clothes on the floor and yes there is always a light of the pc or the xbox in there. He loves it. So do I.

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