Mariah O’Brien – home #2

Posted on Thu, 25 Apr 2013 by KiM

This is another favourite home designed by Mariah O’Brien. It’s located in Santa Monica and it’s just as inviting, energetic and eclectic as the last home – but not quite as bright. And the cute Boston Terrier is a bonus. 🙂

Sharon says:

Oh what a gorgeous home…the spaciousness…beautiful!

Enzo says:

I want all the chairs and carpets/rugs in this post….

oh holland says:

Love the fresh, mod florals in the first room, top two pics. And the use of chocolate brown instead of ubiquitous black. Delicious combo.

Mufqi says:

It's amazing. What a lovely house

Kim_from_Chicago says:

wow I love everything about this house!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

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