Moody and industrial

Posted on Tue, 30 Apr 2013 by KiM

As much as I love bright, white spaces I am also a big fan of dark, moody and industrial spaces as well. I spotted these 2 homes on MilK magazine’s site and had to share. LOVE. So unpretentious and full of character.

Lisa says:

I love it!

Jenn says:

Beautiful! I have been mesmerized by dark spaces also. Currently repainting my bedroom dark because I want a moody theme in it.

ces says:

I think I'd prefer homes similar to this than the ones with white spaces since they are not too difficult to maintain. They appear cozier too.

Jane says:

I LOVE he orange pen in the left corner…great place.

d of dogland says:


peggy says:

Kim, sorry to be testy today. I know you understand. 🙂 I find these places interesting, but not unpretentious. I think a six foot tall ostrich skeleton on the table is a bit pretentious.

katrina says:

oh peggy i thought the exact same thing when i saw it although i still love it and the rest of the place.

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