Kriste Michelini

Posted on Thu, 9 May 2013 by KiM

San Francisco interior designer Kriste Michelini has a signature style – it’s all about classic, modern spaces that are simple, timeless and completely functional and stylish. Her kitchens are so bright and fresh – fabulous! P.S. Several of these photos are of her own gutted and renovated home

CockatooPete says:

That second last photo is exactly what I've been trying to achieve on my front verandah – have all the ingredients, but I had the paint colours wrong, and just need to find decorative shutters. This is my perfect template, my house will just look fab with this look!
Even have same plants, but will need to reconsider cushions as two little schnauzers will soon have white ones looking less than white.
By the way, the dogs are black so even they will match, and the peacock will provide occasional colour lifts! Thank you girls for another brilliant inspiration.

oregonbird says:

Steve McQueen. Only person I know cool enough to get away sitting in that bath. The rolling barn door is a wonderful thing, in theory, but I don't know that it really works as a design element in that bedroom. It's so very alone. Unlike the pink pouffle, which is having a party, and EVERYONE came! That wallpaper is just something else — do teenagers really need that much stimulation? My favorite is the laundry room, which I'm assuming is part of the kitchen; I like a stylishly multi-functional kitchen.

What did you use for the black planters?

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