Margarida’s weekend home in Portugal

Posted on Thu, 16 May 2013 by KiM

I am in awe of this weekend home submitted by a reader named Margarida. Here is a bit of info she included: Its located 13 kms from the little village monsaraz & alqueva big lake in the region of alentejo (Portugal). Its our new weekend and holiday family house but its concept was done to be rentable by other families so we are building the new site for it. The Architecture project was done by João favila Menezes. He is very talented and conceptual artist. The interior decoration was done by myself and there is still a lot to do 🙂 it accommodates 12 people and it took us 3 years to finish this project and the idea was to have a piece of modern land that would allow us to go free on modernity but respecting the landscape and the traditions of alentejo architecture. the next step on this family investment is the building of a garden, its a project made by an amazing award winning architecture Teresa Barão. It is absolutely beautiful in its surroundings, and perfection in its simplicity. WOW!

hlbheidi says:


aida says:

so many possibilities, so few of them – if any – used! why, for god's sake?? all this nature and space around to enjoy, and hardly any windows in the whole house?!?

oregonbird says:

I think it's that they're keeping the heat out. When they want to be outdoors, they go to the roof or out of the house. Mostly its just space, rather than a view.

Margarida says:

The Concept is not a room with a view! For that we stay at our flat and look at the window!
Either you are "at the room" or you are outside in the view! 🙂

Silvia says:

Hi Aida, Yes, I understand why you would have that opinion. However, if you ever visited Portugal, especially Alentejo, you would thank the Gods for a cool, modern room. It's so warm, that placing many windows would have been an environmental crime as you would have to prepare the house with powerful air-cos… It also respects the local houses of Alentejo as they mostly have small windows and a front door porch to appreciate the views in the morning and end of the day. Anyway,nice post Margarida! Keep up the good work and show us the garden!

Pipa T says:

The house is great. I love the decor. Congratulations Margarida.

Carla says:

Lucky me that knows the owners…can´t wait to spend there a nice, warm weekend Alentejano!! 🙂

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