Derek Swalwell update

Posted on Thu, 23 May 2013 by KiM

We’ve been crushing on Australian photographer Derek Swalwell for a long time. A really really really long time. Not only are his photographs absolutely dreamy, but he has had the opportunity to visit some of the most architecturally fabulous homes I think I’ve ever seen. I am envious. At least we are able to “visit” them virtually through his lens. I’ll take what I can get. 

Sparky says:

I do love that last photo of the cabin in the field overlooking the sea. <3 And the clean, calm, well-lit interiors of the first photos almost make me wish I had less stuff. :o)

annie says:

LOVE that low strung light on the second image.

Gah! So beautiful

oregonbird says:

All the best places come to this page. And the best photographers, as well. I'll admit to a fondness of the interior shots over the exterior, but then the last ex-pic has all the gives that make the interiors such a draw.

I've seen the linen (?) and iron hairpin chair twice before, and it headlines my chairporn collection — do you know who produces that?

KiM says:

@oregonbird – that chair is now on my list of fav chairs. I can't remember whose it is (Paola Navone came to mind but I don't think so).

cussot says:

Yes, yes, that armchair … it's wonderful. Anyone know?

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