Warehouse stalking when I should be working

Posted on Fri, 31 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

Rainy day, a lull between customers, the shop is momentarily empty, quick online real estate stalking, oops hop off the computer, say hello to new customer as they walk in. That will teach me. (Hi Megan nice to meet you today!) Found this warehouse in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Just about my favourite suburb in my favourite Australian city. Even better this conversion is actually two homes. You bet I’m taking the ground floor one with the courtyard, the trusses and the cool brick. But you can come visit and stay in the other one. I better stop stalking and get back to work. Link here while it lasts.

oregonbird says:

The space was mishandled — the volumes are all wrong. The brick, the trusses, the light — all beautiful. The interior design works as a boutique hotel, but not as a home. It's all very high-endish, though.

Roni says:

Ooh, a Renault Alpine!

Claire says:

Holy amazing, those huge windows. Dream house!

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