Stalking a time capsule

Posted on Tue, 4 Jun 2013 by midcenturyjo

Mix me a martini while I kick off my kitten heels. Bossa nova on the turntable and Bitossi on the shelves. Fabulous for more than 50 years this midcentury dame just needs her make up tidied up, her do back teased and she’ll be a smoldering all over again. The North Caulfield, Melbourne house I mean. Not me. Sold hopefully to someone who loves the house not just a developer who wants the block. Link here while it lasts.

Jen says:

Love. This is my dream house.

mmmc says:

This is just so perfect. It is more than perfect.

Kylie says:

Wow! From the mail box on, perfection.

MadonnaofCoogee says:

The walk in robe! All that storage! The pantry! Not only gorgeous, but practical. Good design is timeless…

oregonbird says:

Gasp! Oh, I need new clothes! Where is my Persian greyhound? Did Jean-Marie have the tickets to LeCirc delivered, as he promised? Call the houseboy!
Don't anybody touch a thing, do not mess with perfection!

oh holland says:

d*mn fine

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