there’s no place like…

Posted on Wed, 5 Jun 2013 by KiM

It’s a Friday afternoon. I just got off work, and I’m exhausted. I need to relax, catch my breath and get off the grid. I pack a bag with nothing but t-shirts and sweatpants. I drive about an hour and stop at a market to pick up some fresh produce. I drive a little more and pull into the driveway. I grab my bags and walk up to the door….of this home. And do nothing for 2 full days. yesssssssss….. (thank you John Robert Nilsson)

Andrea says:

Hermoso y la vista es espectacular, gracias por mostrala.

Mac says:

Better / as good as/ Philip Johnson's glass house, and the details argued over in much the same manner .

oh holland says:

Never mind the sweats and tees. My time there would be au naturel (who's looking?!?)

Katie says:

*sigh* the fire pit, the pool, the huge bath, the boardwalk . . . what an awesome escape! 🙂 Green with Envy

Ineken says:


Uschi says:

This must be paradise.

Deej says:


oregonbird says:

Oh, zen. Just you, me and a basket of kittens. That's all I ask.

lady_luck says:

Wow. oh Wow. The view, combined with that comfy seated area with the fireplace! Am in Love!!!!

boscoverde says:

@oregonbird, what do you need a basket of kittens for?? Just imagine to ruin the whole interior view with a silly litter box or an even more silly scratch thing.

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