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Posted on Fri, 14 Jun 2013 by midcenturyjo

Let’s end the week with a trip back to Brazil and the portfolio of interior designers Karina Salgado, Andréa Bugarib and Betina Barcellos of In House. Whether a bright and airy house or a a chic apartment high in the sky their work builds from a neutral base layering with colour and texture to create warm inviting spaces that are casually elegant and fresh. Love their treatment of balconies in the high rise apartments they have designed. Wonderful use of often overlooked, valuable space creating enticing outdoor rooms.




oregonbird says:

I love the ambiance of the first house, so fresh and serene — but oh! those suicide stairs. Luckily, there are pitchforks available to grab if you slip, so you won't have to suffer with broken bones; the impalement will occupy your thoughts instead. 🙂

It's pure chair porn, of course! What a treat to see such masterful handling of space — the sense of order, the color and use blocking, the bow to expected lines without a loss to stilted tradition — all geared to being suitable for human habitation. NO sense of 'apartment'. Did I mention chair porn? Oh, chair porn…

For myself, I like the last few pictures best, since they are on a scale I can see myself using. If I didn't live in half an unheated garage. But unlike most spaces built for large-scale entertainment of the better-than-me, these don't come with a sense of condescension. Not an easy balance to hit. Beautiful work.

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