Jonas Ingerstedt

Posted on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 by KiM

Jonas Ingerstedt, you are my new photographer crush. And I’ve got it BAAAAAD. Jo featured your work a few years ago, and I’m sorry we forgot all about you. The spaces you have photographed are absolutely incredible, and made even more incredible by your ability to perfectly capture them through your lens. Who would have thought I’d love an orange and black kitchen so much? Or light blue kitchen cabinets? Or a pink hallway? And my love for Tom Dixon’s copper shade pendant has grown stonger because of you…

oregonbird says:

Its messy. It's GOOD messy. Remember that eurotrash apartment swathed in cheap, useless detail from a few days ago? This is the opposite of that. It's old rockstar photography very, in-your-face early Rolling Stone style. Great grimy, grainy feel.

Christina says:

Love many of these photos!

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