Reader’s home – Nataliya’s Ottawa suburban project

Posted on Tue, 18 Jun 2013 by KiM

I’m super excited to share this home with you today because it’s from my city of Ottawa. Not only that, suburban homes here are always super boring, poorly designed and really poorly finished. Nataliya and her husband did a FAB U LOUS job with their home and I am so happy to find out there’s one more person in O-town with good decor sense! 

When we bought the house 3 years ago, it was a spur of the moment purchase. We really wanted to stay in our neighbourhood and felt that we had grown out of a townhouse. A backyard with a deck sounded divine…until the move in day. Hubby and I shared a beer on that deck and freaked out all over each other about the amount of update this house needed. The floor plan is the typical suburban house with separate kitchen, dining, living and family rooms. Not to mention the most awkward in the world fireplace placement.
With a small budget that had very little room to pay a contractor, hubby had to learn how to do everything himself. And I had to choose all the finishes myself. Thankfully, there is!! Kim and Jo provided a world of inspiration for the regular DIY’er and made my job of choosing tile, paint colours and everything in between infinitely easier.
3 years later the house is freshly renovated from top to bottom. To celebrate all the hard work the house was photographed by a local photographer (Shabana Beg). The photos represent so much hard work, but also personal grown. The house was our labour of love and we are so proud of how it turned out.
P.S. Funny fact, in a few weeks we’re moving into a different home and I can’t wait to put my design stamp on it!


oregonbird says:

I'm so glad you're moving, Nataliya! You should redesign interiors over and over again. What an eye for pattern and color. And DRAMA! My favorite thing-you-can't-see is mood, and that is represented in spades in your home — even the neutrals join in.

CockatooPete says:

Seriously fantastic effort Nataliya! I'm almost finished renovating my home (6years – not 3) and had thought of having it photographed and you've inspired me to go ahead. You've achieved such a spacious and airy, light feel. And by the way, your daughter's feet are very cute, as is her frock!!

Nataliya says:

OMG – thank you Kim and Jo

oregonbird – thank you thank you. This is my first effort in renovating. I'm so excited to move and work on our next home. It is so rewarding to hear absolute strangers say nice things… especially strangers who are so well versed in design 🙂 thank you.

CockatooPete – you should ABSOLUTELY have your home photographed!! I regret that I wasn't able to get our bathrooms into the photoshoot, that would have been even more fantastic. We, as home owners, put so much heart into every decision it all deserves to be documented.

One of my favorite bloggers! What a beautiful home, and I can't wait to see what you do with the next!!

Sharon says:

Great work. Nicely balanced and great pops of colour and patterns.

Can I ask where is the rug from under your kitchen table?

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