Posted on Mon, 24 Jun 2013 by KiM

I was super excited to stumble upon the website of Austin, TX architects Andersson-Wise. Why you may ask? One of their projects just may be my future home (the home before the jump….well, a variation of it anyway, and minus the water view dammit). Their homes are rustic and modern and works of art. Each one a dream. Well, my dream anyway. And how cool is that house lined with wood stacks?  

rooth says:

I heart Austin – yay for Texas architects!

Belén says:

qué bello!! me imagino viviendo en un lugar así, tiene unas vistas maravillosas..

Tyson says:

The stacked wood wall is interesting.

Ko-Shin says:

unbelieveable use of materials – wowwwwwwwww!!! I am in love!

lisa says:

Love the first cabin… WANT the first cabin. Stacked wood wall is beautiful, but all I could think of was all the spaces for SPIDERS to make homes.

oregonbird says:

At least spiders would be positive and useful. Termites – and forest fires – (I have friends who have lost their home and business in the Colorado fires) would just see the stacks as food. But the architects make beautiful spaces and forms, the homes are lovely. That kitchen — mmm.

Evelyn says:

This is the architectural firm I'm using for my next home!

Stunning examples of a job well done – love it

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