No need to ply me …

Posted on Thu, 11 Jul 2013 by midcenturyjo

… with alcohol to make me fall for this home by Dutch interior architects i29. Modern and fabulous with a limited palette of grey and white. The hero though is the plywood used repeatedly throughout the home. An often overlooked, “second class” building material is the standout here. That and the open plan design, the fireplace, the walls of glass. No definitely the plywood 😉

rooth says:

Zing! I see what you did there. And that fawn on the shelf? Freaky!

Megan says:

Agreed, it's gorgeous! An affordable way to add some texture & pattern that I'd imagine being pretty timeless! Thanks for sharing!

Jesse says:

I thought the multi colored rack on the wall was kinda freaky. Can't tell what its colored with, but that's unique! Looks like flowers from a garden?

deelee says:

It does look great but we need to ditch this misconception that ply is cheap.
Yes, you can buy $30 sheets of it from Bunnings, but that's not good enough quality to do a decent build with.
In a recent quote for cabinetry for a renovation, ply came in as one of the more expensive materials we looked at. Add in specialised joinery and finishings and it gets prohibitive.

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