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Posted on Tue, 16 Jul 2013 by midcenturyjo

Bright and fresh, young and playful. Whether soft pastel colours with whites and greys or rich and earthy with timber and stone these homes are stylish and luxuriously simple. Lean of line but big on impact. By Stacey Kouros Design.

P.S. I’ve included a couple of commercial images for their cool ideas.

emily says:

she sure knows how to use tile and wood! gorgeous rooms….every single one!

rooth says:

My goodness, I like how the first shower takes up half the bathroom

Adriene says:

Oh dear. I guess I skimmed the text at the beginning because I was scrolling past the first "before" shots looking for the "after" shots. But no. they're all "after" shots. Oops! Not my taste. For instance that bathroom at the beginning. The wallpaper? Err. . . The tile floor? Umm . . . And the rug? Uhhh . . . And then all together? Yikes!

oregonbird says:

The Japanese fish scale tiles – gorgeous – I can grok with the floor, both have a mid-century feel to them; however, then you have the ikea-ish white marble and passionless cabinetry, which is supposed to balance the textures, I suppose, but… no. Mismatched and over-complicated. In the first bathroom, sweetheart red lantern tiles with subway tiles WITH veined white marble AND a showcase wallpaper! Oy~! (Maybe stick to subway tiles on the floor, in a color that at least acknowledges the paper (which I really like) and definitely losing the too-fancy marble… take the colored subway tiles up onto the vanity?) Same thing in the bathroom with the blue lantern tile, which is fabulous, and the fixtures are perfect. But again, in comes passé-looking veined marble. The reach for chic ethnicity is so good, simplicity beckons, possibilities are almost within reach — then BAM! comes tacky stone. I like the work, but there's too much money being spent on dated frippery.

Inventive says:

I could live in that home…every single room is great !

oh holland says:

Yes to the big fabric bubble pendant, scalloped marble tile and wire patio furniture. Love such light-hearted touches.

For the most part, the rest is — I know I'm a broken record — just too sterile and commercial for me. Give me simplicity, yes, but simplicity with soul.

Justine says:

I like it

Megan says:

I love the grey fishscale tile in the kitchen. Where can I find it?!

Tina says:

I love the scalloped tile in the kitchen…could you tell me where I can get this?

Odissine says:

I like your long floating shelves… how do you fix them on the wall ? The 2 wood part up up and down don't be too heavy ?
Do you use foot support ? Or only fix on wall ?

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