Posted on Wed, 24 Jul 2013 by KiM

We got our hands on some photos of the home of Ross and his wife Evelyn. Ross is the founder of FleaPop – a brand-new online marketplace for once-loved goods (it’s Etsy meets Craigslist meets Pinterest). Their home is a cool little bungalow in Laurel Canyon, LA that is open-concept and bright, with a fab yard…but the best part might be their 4 legged roomie. 😉

oregonbird says:

Oh, that paint color! GLOW in the dark!? Who knew how classy that could be? Or how rich and calm? Can we get the identity, because that's definitely going on my wishlist! You have to wonder what will happen in middle-class interior design when the TV loses its position as a focal point.

Jamie says:

love pugs! and oh yeah the house is nice too haha

Dog is the best 🙂

Jacki says:

The part that I find the most inviting is the garden. The interior of the house looks to austere and "look but don't touch" but that garden and deck say "grab a bottle of wine and sit down for the afternoon and relax"

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