Clerkenwell Loft

Posted on Thu, 25 Jul 2013 by KiM

I love homes with texture, particularly as part of the structure (concrete, brick etc.) and this central London loft apartment designed by Inside Out Architecture is a dream. The existing building has an intriguingly tactile industrial structure, with exposed concrete beams and columns throughout its interior. Work began by stripping the old apartment back to its basic shell and exposing the dramatic geometry of the concrete beams.  A number of spaces – including a TV room, 2 bedrooms, separate family and guest bathrooms, a utility room and an adaptable guest bedroom – were then “inserted” into this hollow shell. These inserts came in the form of numerous bespoke joinery pieces, designed with a light touch and simple smooth finishes  to contrast with, and hence emphasize, the strength of the textured concrete structure. Despite their simple expression, the joinery pieces house a wealth of concealed functions including fold out beds, integrated radiators, storage units, kitchen appliances, glazed screens, curtain recesses, sliding partitions and the entire family bathroom. In the living area a bespoke island kitchen was introduced to provide a focal point for activity within a large open plan space.  A suspended aluminium profile provided functional downlighting while simultaneously uplighting the concrete soffit to create a comfortable warm atmosphere. The lighting strips just mentioned are so brilliant in the space. (Photos by one of our favourite photographers Jim Stephenson)

Alexandra says:

It's gorgeous, but for whatever reason has a foreboding presence where it's been done on the ceiling.. I guess because it's so heavy looking.

oregonbird says:

I understand the concept and the result they were going for, but it just didn't work. Beautifully expressive bones, cheap expressionless filler. Rather odd photographs — overstuffed closets, empty shelves?

Blanders says:

I just wonder why there's one sink out on the island bench and another one hidden away in a cupboard. It is for washing Shameful Things?

The priorities of the rich are beyond me.

Chris says:

I really like it apart from two things, the TV area looks like a total after thought with furniture just placed in a corner and the grey strip lighting in the main area looks a bit to much like it has just come from an office reception. I think something a lot thinner/sleeker may have worked better, or even reclaimed lights.

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