Yurt quirk

Posted on Thu, 25 Jul 2013 by midcenturyjo

“Come camping this weekend,” she said. “We put up a couple tents in the bottom paddock at the start of summer. Everyone just drops in. All very casual.” 

“I’d love to. Do you need me to bring anything? I have a sleeping bag.”

“No Jo. We’re pretty much set up. Just bring yourself… and maybe a couple of bottles of Australian red.”

East Sussex yurts via locations firm Wilde and Watson.

Now that is what I can camping.
I wanna go!!

d of dogland says:

I'm in.

oregonbird says:

Someone needs to make gently curved shelving. Yurts call to the happy luddite in me.

Helen says:

love it, if our weather was kinder to us I could do this all year round.

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