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Posted on Sun, 11 Aug 2013 by KiM

I found this compact São Paulo apartment designed by Brazilian architect Alan Chu and had to share. It’s got micro square footage but Alan made such great use of limited space. A single wall was converted into storage for both the kitchen and living room, which kept the majority of those spaces free for basic furnishings. I think he and the owner like subway tiles. 🙂 The spiral staircase is compact and a gorgeous architectural feature. Overall, a really cool space. (Via Casa Vogue Brasil)

Unhipster says:

No tables. No chairs. Only a ginormous beige sofa. Why bother with the kitchen, then? Usually, architects are fantastic at designing real living spaces. Sadly, this is just a great glossy photo, or two.

Bianka says:

A very smart compact flat.
The elegant floor upstairs doesn't go very well with a little rough wooden furniture, but I do like this place.

Gahh!! Can't get enough of mesh chairs! Also totally digging small/compact space living! 🙂

Very clever use of space…and colours!

Coozeecooza says:

Where's the toilet????

KiM says:

@Coozeecooza – it's on the second level next to the bedroom

@Unhipster – architects don't furnish spaces. and I imagine they'd prefer less furniture in their spaces for photo shoots in order to really show off the details.

Megan says:

love it. sure, there isn't a table for dining. the kitchen/entertainment combo is really pretty, and is so efficient. personally, we are more of a lounge in the living room or go outside for eating type, so it doesn't bother me a bit. so often it doesn't get used, so in a small space, why bother?

Design Lady says:

Love it, Love it. I wish I could live in such a efficient space. Especially loving the red SMEG

CM says:

The correct spelling is Sao Paulo.

KiM says:

OOPS! Thanks CM!

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