Summer sublime

Posted on Mon, 19 Aug 2013 by midcenturyjo

The porch is perfect, the pool area splendid. The kitchen is to die for. While away the summer days in a purpose built little white cottage. It’s like being on vacation all year round. This Charleston home has me all hot and bothered. Thank goodness for the pool and the porch! The architect is Heather A Wilson with interior design by Jen Langston.

Deb says:

I love this but I have a question…Why are there cups on each of the coffee table legs (pic 5)? Ants? Is it a Charleston thing?

oh holland says:

That open-air loo is the shizz (mean that in a good way.)

d of dogland says:

Those appear to be old glass insulators from power lines on the legs of the table. I don't know if they serve a purpose, other than injecting a litttle more of that aqua blue-green color thing they've got going. I suppose they could keep moisture from wicking up the wood legs if you hose off the floor.

Johny B. says:

"This Charleston home…"

How are people supposed to know what country this home is in? I know, because I'm from that particular country but how are people around the world supposed to know unless it is stated? This is a bad habit done on many decor sites such as this.

Melanie says:

I love everything except the wooden plank at the foot of the toilet. I understand the rustic concept but that plank looks filthy and it could rot in time. The swinging couch is a nice touch. The wrought-iron chandeliers and wooden stools are also interesting.

Elizabeth says:

Where are the large silver kitchen lantern pendants from?

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