Dark shadows bright light

Posted on Fri, 27 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo

Hiding silently in the shadows of moss covered trees, dark walls blend seamlessly with old growth. Enter the door and all changes. Wide walls of windows capture the light throwing black and white interiors into stark relief. Wooden accents warm and burnish. Retro meets modern. Light versus dark. Sharp angles against the softening canopy of mature trees. The Arboretum Residence remodel by Portland, Oregon based Skylab Architects.

Chichi Furniture says:

Such a stylish home. I agree that they have the balance so right between the black, softened with naturals and contrasting against whites. Black furniture is very striking – making a real statement in a room if done correctly. Very chic.

WyGal says:

I like this house and agree that the light and dark are striking and ad so much to it but it is lacking warmth. It almost looks like its been abandoned. 🙁

Lea says:

Bathroom is small but perfect.

IJD says:

Nice house, but where is all their stuff?I always suspect people in these very minimilist style homes have a giant cupboard at the back of the house packed full to the ceiling that they are afraid to open because all their junk will spill out and overwhelm them !

nice home!

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