Generator Barcelona

Posted on Mon, 30 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo

I need your thoughts. Is it wrong for a woman in her 50s to strap on a backpack and head to Barcelona? Check into a hostel? Belly up to the bar? Is it? When the hostel looks as great as Generator Barcelona? And when I’m finished I can jump a train to Venice, London, Copenhagen and more.


Are you kidding? Perfect time to go… pack your little bag and have a ball!!!

Carol says:

I'm 53. Let me know if you need company 🙂

joy says:

Go for it!

I do it all the time and have met some amazing people in France, Spain [yes..Barcelona this time last year] , Morocco, Mexico !!

Fleur says:

Only thing wrong would be to not do it!

Penny says:

packing my bags right now to join you…..

Richie says:

Whoa! I'm heading to Barcelona in a couple of weeks and was looking at the same hostel! Ended up making reservations for one closer to the heart of the city. 🙁 What a pity.

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