Minimal and white

Posted on Thu, 10 Oct 2013 by KiM

I often wish I had enough will power to live minimally. This location home in the UK is a dream. It’s a bit sad to see what must have been alot of really gorgeous wood painted but WOW – all this white is spectacular. I wish I could live with all those white painted floors too but I’ve learned the hard way that they aren’t practical in my home. I’d settle for just the kitchen – TO DIE FOR!!! Via 1st Option.

Chichi Furniture says:

Yes please, I would like to live here :O)
A stunning home. I am a huge fan of white, but do need some colour. I love the rustic tones in this scheme – without them I think the look would be a bit chilly. The great thing with white is that it gives you many options with furnishings. I love airy rooms, but to live there I need depth and warmth and with a white scheme this can be achieved by using beautifully ornate furniture (as in the bedroom) and mirrors that add light as well as style (love the oversize bedroom mirror). Adding pastels and painted furniture is great, breaking up harsh lines. I adore the wood plank wall in the dining room – great idea. This home isn't cluttered either, its just simplistically beautifully (which means less to clean!)

Mai says:

What an amazing place the only thing that I thought was off was the wall behind the couch in the living area… something like a barn door on a track would have looked a bit better and added something more to the room as far as texture…all the other rooms are perfect! What a space!

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