Bentwood chairs in the dining room

Posted on Sun, 13 Oct 2013 by midcenturyjo

I have been at a loss with what to do with my dining room. It’s been a couple of years since we painted it a rich, dark blue and since then… nothing. We never use it. It’s a passage way, a sad old table used as a dumping ground. But that’s about to change. When one of our advertisers, RelaxHouse, offered to send me some bentwood chairs to try out I jumped at the offer. Dining room you’re getting a shake up.

After I stripped the room of all furniture (and boxes and assorted crap), I moved in a cowhide and my old trestle table. We (hubby, a friend and lots of bossing opinions from me) hung a wooden bead chandelier I had left in its wrapping since March. And then I waited for the chairs to arrive. Not very long as it turned out. A couple of days after ordering, two boxes with my beauties arrived at my door. The Vienna 18 and the Le Corbusier B9 Armchair, both white, both with natural wood socks, both seriously sexy. The chairs come directly from the Polish factory (founded by Thonet’s son) that has been creating them for well beyond 120 years. The quality and finish are fabulous. But there was one problem. I wanted to use them all over the house. Dining room, kitchen table, hallway, office, even in the bathroom.

I have settled on my original plan. I’ll be picking up a few more to complete the set and I think they will work as a perfect foil against the dark blue walls. But maybe I should get pink, or yellow, or green. That’s my next problem. The chairs are available in a rainbow of colours as well as a black and natural socks combo. Decisions. Decisions. Then there are the Czech made Brokis lamps and lighting. Yum. Might have a get one of those too!

This post is in partnership with RelaxHouse and Huset but all opinions are my own.

Caroline says:

Timely post! Both of these are my favourite Thonet chairs and I am considering them for our house, however I am still undecided on which colour to pick. xx

I've got three No. 16 chairs, they are about 20 years old, we renovated them and love them 🙂
Greetings from Poland 🙂

Louisa Mondriaan says:

I have 8 Bentwood chairs but have no idea as what they are worth. Could anybody
give me an idea please.

Dessy anaiwan says:


I am interested in collecting old things and these chairs are looking good. I've collected some of the chairs and dining sets from the last of the decade. They are simple but so beautiful.

Collection of old things will value your decorations.


Dessy Anaiwan says:

That are really amazing collection of dining room furniture. I think for all, the dining room is one of our favorite rooms in the house. It’s the room where the whole family gets together and eats delicious food creating lifelong memories.

Nicole S says:

I like these colorful chairs for the dining room

DesignConcepts says:

You've chosen a great way to turn the living room into a lively place. Seats look impeccable, perfectly combines classical and modern style. Good choice by decorating the walls with open colors, something that captures the guests' eyes.

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