Posted on Wed, 16 Oct 2013 by KiM

Anna Burles of commercial and residential interior design studio StudioAB has a quirky, eclectic style that I absolutely adore (minus her apparent love of taxidermy). The first four photos are of singer Ellie Goulding’s central London apartment. Simple yet dramatic and edgy. The next couple of photos are the apartment of an ad exec guy – the taxidermy sheepdg was donated by his owner (a farmer) and given pheasant feathers so he could fly for eternity. Bizarre, but I appreciate the arty randomness of it.

Veronica says:

Love this house minus the taxidermy! It looks creepy!!! Why would you want dead animals in the corners of your living room?

oregonbird says:

/raises hand, tentatively/ I'm kinda hoping that someone props me up in a corner, one day. Maybe wearing McQueen hoof shoes and a classic Dior. 🙂 Face it, you can't have a cowhide on the floor and a fur throw on the sofa (and a leather coat/boots/gloves in the closet) and honestly heef at the art of taxidermy. I'm saving my objections for the homage to anonymous violence via Pedobear… I might love the apartment, but one look at those photographs and dinner in would be off, for the next 90 years. I just might call the local police, to be on the safe side. /brrrr/ I know they say you can't pick your clients, but really… you need to pick your clients.

Is the kitchen floor tiles? Because that is awesome, if so. Put together with the backsplash of brick, you get an amazing Old World vibe that's light and frothy. This is amazing work — it seems so simple, and yet it's layered like a wedding cake.

KiM says:

@oregonbird – LOL

oh Holland says:

Yeah, you can make the point that one who has leather boots in her closet has no place objecting to taxidermy, but to that I say nay! For the record — I'm vegan, no leather, fur, etc. — but it's really OK and even desirable for people to takes stands against DEGREES of frivolous cruelty. Where one draws the line often starts way down here, but graduates upward as principles become more crystallized. To say feh to taxidermy is way down here … it doesn't require any personal sacrifice, just a bit of character.

Jared Hayden says:

The more I look at it, the more I love. This level of decorating skill doesn't aim to knock you over the head with a Royere sconce the second you walk in. It's more like great prose–where an artful passage reveals new layers of meaning each time you read it. To me it's the right mix of wit, restraint and audacity–right down to the kitchen hardware Mamie Eisenhower might have selected…

Nicoleta says:

I just love that black chandelier.

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