I really must stop

Posted on Tue, 22 Oct 2013 by midcenturyjo

Stop it! Stop it! I really must stop stalking on the Domus Nova site. Just two more to share and then I’ll walk away from the computer. The first house has such fabulous bones. I’d be happy living there with just a box to sit on. That’s a lie but you know what I mean. The second is perfect for the stylish book lover. Stealing the bookcase at the end of the bathtub idea.

rooth says:

The person who lives here loves books, apparently, and that's alright with me – lovely!

Orjen says:

But don't those bathroom books get destroyed rather fast what with sitting in a steamy environment and all?

Lara says:

@ orjen, I don't think and hope so. Hopefully the ventilation system is strong enough to clear away all the moist!

I love the first house, great spaces. I would feel lonely in the kitchen though, it's so big! 3/4 the size of my house haha.

Romy says:

@Lara, my same thoughts about that kitchen it was like "Woaw … that's …. a lot of space…"
I think the proportions are not right, huge fireplace and painting on one side and a simple counter with a wall almost bare (1 clock 2 lamps) on the other. Also the island could be bigger and have a little more visual weight. It looks very small and fragile compared to the rest of the furniture.
Love that lamp by the way, actually can't stop watching it.

Well it's just an idea.

jenny says:

Too much beauty! I'm moving into the first one in my dreeams!

atma says:

Oh, the lamp in the 5th picture, it's absolutely gorgeous!

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