Suzette Sherman

Posted on Thu, 7 Nov 2013 by KiM

Suzette Sherman is an interior designer based in San Francisco who dabbles in all kinds of styles, from very highly traditional to contemporary minimalist. Here’s a sample of some of the spaces that piqued my interest.

superdutch says:

Fantastic living room in the first three images. I just don't get that low little wall that blends in perfectly colour-wise with the floor. Seems like the perfect ankle-breaker when you have a lot of people over and the wine has flowed a tad. Leave it out altogether or make it higher.

fred says:

I love the lampshade on the last picture. Any ideas on how to get it?

oregonbird says:

The sense of California comes across so strongly, in so many ways — updated hidalgo, cocktail-class mid-century, high-end surf-zen. That's my birthplace, alright. If nothing else worked (but it all does!) Sherman could live off being a master of color; the neutrals are beautifully balanced, and the strong, cool colors wrap in to continue the story. The apartment-sized open living area blows me away — it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. (Okay, I would have covered the fridge with matched paneling. Quibble, quibble.) Every space is unique and personal, but the designer's hand is clear. Lovely work.

Penny says:

Sorry, but you mean 'piqued my interest' not 'peaked'.

KiM says:

OOPS! Thanks Penny!

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