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Posted on Fri, 8 Nov 2013 by KiM

FLO: (noun.) The state of mind, process, or way of being abundantly present. Located in Long Beach, California, FLO Design Studio specializes in restaurants, spas and boutique hotels and residences, and can spruce up any one of those in mid-century, industrial, hollywood regency style and make it work. Megan, principal designer/partner is known for her ability to combine global glamour with spiritual edge. Megan’s designs focus on the integration of vivid emotional and visual texture.  Her indoor and outdoor spaces incorporate powerful mid-century lines, geometry, sculptural and organic forms and materials, and are influenced by the multi-ethnic pulse that is one of the defining characteristics of Los Angeles.

oregonbird says:

While the honeybear chandie/bathtub installation is… interesting, as is the box-end wall covering… oh lord. This is the most horrifying collection of furniture I've ever seen in my life. From mustard-colored velvet to the Lucite box with rope handles, this is frightening. Not to mention, the grand piano shoved wrong-way round into the corner? Anyone who knows how sound works is crying. These designs might work for very rich, extremely *elderly* clients, but I can't see anyone with a flicker of life left queuing up to pre-pay for a holiday week in Hill House.

Sari says:

Mmmm….. Somebody has an awesome collection of Jim Marshall photos!

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