A skier’s dream retreat

Posted on Tue, 12 Nov 2013 by KiM

I detest winter. I don’t participate in any winter sports because that would mean being outside (although I have been saying for a few years that I should buy some skates since I live a 10 minute walk from the world’s largest skating rink). I’d consider taking up skiing if it meant getting to bunk in a place like this! Interior Designer Len Cotsovolos, unveils his latest contemporary architectural design at the Yellowstone Club – a private residential ski resort community in Big Sky, Montana, where he designed a custom 11,000 square foot vacation retreat that epitomizes comfort. “To understand this home, you must start from the inside,” explains Cotsovolos, “the home was designed from the inside out, while trying to bring the outside in”. Although this property shares the mountainside with classic American vernacular log cabin estates, Cotsovolos, with LC2 Design Services has styled this dream home to express modern mountain luxury…with just the right amount of Vegas “bling”. Nestled among the tall pines of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 10,500 feet, this custom home reflects characteristics of Modernist architecture, which typically features glass walls, post-and-beam construction, exposed steel, and open floor plans; however, Cotsovolos also introduced unique finishes, opulent furnishings, and other details, which he sourced worldwide to create a warm, dark and mysterious home that is internationally inspired. It’s pretty spectacular, and the organic nature of the materials definitively ups the glam factor of your typical cabin in the woods. 

Lea says:

When its cold give me the daggy old traditional cabin for atmosphere anytime, this place seems too austere. Mind you that bath in front of the colossal window is glorious.

oregonbird says:

Oh, to be one of the Beautiful People. I don't see the design or interior so much as austere as… okay, it's austere. But it also matches that marvelous view perfectly. Inside or outside, you are constantly reminded that there is only Zul. Wait, no, that wasn't what I meant! 🙂

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