Posted on Tue, 19 Nov 2013 by KiM


I grew up having it drilled in my head that you NEVER EVER wear shoes in the house. And I still believe that. Because I don’t want the dog shit you just stepped on smeared on my antique kilim. Bring some cute little slippers/flats when I invite you over. Maybe one of these days I’ll just stencil it on the floor like above. 

Love the setup of these bookcases. The first photo is just a freaking food pantry, yet everything is so well organized you almost have to look twice to realize it’s not just some knick knacks on display. And the second photo shows how stacking books in small piles makes it look sculptural and more interesting graphically. 

Photos via Douglas Friedman

oregonbird says:

I love the idea of having your pantry right out in public, mixed in with dishes, books, and all. So, you have to tidy up and be a bit meticulous — we're not spending hours every week making our own bread, we can spare ten minutes!

Nona says:

I always get a little peeved when a host asks me to remove my shoes. It's like you're putting your floors (floors, not bed sheets, after all) above a guest's comfort in your home.

I get being kind of grossed out about it, but honestly, I've never sat down to eat a meal on my floors, so I'm not too worried.

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