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Posted on Mon, 25 Nov 2013 by KiM

A while back FLOS offered me a light fixture to try, I absolutely could not say no. FLOS is one of the coolest lighting companies there is. I have to admit I had not heard of the light before and now I’m kicking myself for not having known about it sooner. Designed and created in Italy, AIM is a uniquely minimalist suspended light designed by brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. In their own words, AIM is a “new type of lamp that is naturally positioned in space – like a plant – with long cables providing maximum freedom to adjust the direction and height of the light source.” Similar to hanging vines, the long, free wires allow for “infinite adjustability” while providing a sense of the natural, as the wires seem to “develop and grow like branches or climbing plants”. AIM also uses warm LED, meaning that it is a very low energy consumption lamp. 

When the light finally arrived I was SO excited to get it installed. Knowing I was getting 1 fixture, the only place I thought I could put it was in my bedroom as it’s the only room besides my dining room and dressing room with an overhead fixture (stupid old house with bad wiring!). But when I unwrapped the light I realized it was larger than I had expected, and even more gorgeous in person. I went with black, and it’s a matte finish! *sigh* (It also comes in white and polished aluminum). My husband, who is thankfully quite the handyman, suggested we put it in the corner of our living room, and he would wire a plug to the end of it so we could plug it in to the wall but mount it to the ceiling so it looked like it was wired up there. GENIUS! We both LOVE the AIM. It looks incredible in the living room. I can imagine a few of these grouped together over a dining table, or over a large desk. A few hanging in a staircase would be cool too.

This post is in partnership with FLOS USA but all opinions are my own.

jane says:

you're right – this light looks awesome in your place!

Veronica says:

Your lounge room looks amazing. I love it.

oregonbird says:

I agree – your lounge rocks. You're the only meat person I know right now who makes a photomural truly work. The shape of the lamp is lovely, organic, it fits your space… but the over-abundance of cord? EEEeeeee! No. See, the thing about a black cord is, it isn't a juicy green jungle vine. (If it was green, we could talk.)
Minimalism fall down and go boom.

KiM says:

Thanks jane and Veronica – and even you oregonbird. 😉 (Imagine it in not such a busy corner like mine – with white walls in behind and a funky chair just to the left, and a stack of books or mags on the white floor next to it…BAM!)

joeyfromphilly says:

Any idea where I can purchase long lengths of that type of wire? Cant seem to find it anywhere online! I'd like to try and make something similar to hang above my kitchen island.

Chris says:

Where did you buy your couch? It's BEAUTIFUL!

KiM says:

@ joey – I've never looked online for electrical wire joey so I'm not sure. But I had to get some over the weekend for another lighting project and it looks just like the basic wire I found at the hardware store (except it had writing all over it).
@Chris – Thanks! After years of buying mediocre couch after mediocre couch I nearly died when I found this for half price at Phillip Van Leeuwen about a year ago

Patricia says:

Love it! Could you tell me what's de carpet made of? Where did you get it? Thanks!

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