Lajeunesse Residence

Posted on Tue, 10 Dec 2013 by KiM

Here is another doozy by _naturehumaine. We were hired by a young couple to do a complete renovation of a house built by the clients grandfather, now housing its third generation of the same family. Their request was that we created something modern and bright. Due to the noisy street at the front of the house, the main living spaces were placed at the back facing north creating the challenge of bringing direct sunlight into these spaces. A double height light-well topped with a skylight, aids in bringing light to the centre of the house. On the ground floor, a wall of translucent sliding panels protects the living spaces from unwanted gazes from the street as well as acting as a vestibule in winter. A plywood handrail wraps around the stair and folds at the base becoming a long bench for the dining table. A simple pallet unifies the custom furniture around the house; folded steel plates, white wooden shelves, and russian plywood. I love the colour scheme – particularly the hints of yellow added throughout the ground floor.

Oregonbird says:

I suspect it looked more comfortable rendered in cardboard. It has a very architect-on-site feel to it, which some people find very attractive. The spots of color are nice, but it doesn't seem as if this will be a 'family house' much longer — passing down a residence through generations is something done when there are echoes of the previous residents to build a personal connection with the next generation. All of that is gone.

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