80s apartment redo

Posted on Thu, 12 Dec 2013 by midcenturyjo

If you live in Australia you know these apartments. Tired old brick exteriors with tired old plasterboard interiors. Wall to wall carpet with a collection of interesting stains, swirling, dripping plaster slapped onto the ceiling and aluminium sliding doors with safety stickers. If you were lucky and lived on the top floor (always no more than four floors or the developer would have to spring for a lift) the “architect” may have thrown in a “cathedral ceiling and clerestory window”. No redeeming features except the size of the rooms. Say what you like about those old apartments they at least had a little more room than today’s incarnations. Now take an 80s apartment in a wonderful inner city location (Brisbane readers should be able to tell by the bridge and the tennis courts across the river) and drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century and you have a hipster’s pad with room for baby and barbie. Very cool. By Alexander Lotersztain and derlot.



Eyal says:


Um Yusif says:

I LOVE the black subway tile in the bathroom!

jane says:


Katie says:

What a fabulous way to hide the television, a black wall, you'd never know it was there! This place is amazing, I just love all the quirks and simple details that make a big difference!

Fausto says:

I love all rugs.. May I have all brands name?? Thank you!!

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