Posted on Tue, 7 Jan 2014 by midcenturyjo

I almost convinced myself. “It’s real. It’s so fabulous it has to be real.” You see we don’t feature 3D rendering on the blog. No the rooms in our posts are real. They’re built. Bricks and mortar. “This has to be real,” I argued to myself. “I really love it.” Imagine living in a grunge/industrial/masculine/raw but rich interior. Yes imagine is what we have to do. A fabulous small loft space… almost. Design and renderings by Minsk based Nordes.

Wow, blown away! Best renderings I've ever seen.. unbelievable!

Dion says:

LOVE IT!!! Especially the kitchen and dining table-chairs!!!!

Must. Live. There. Sad this is just a rendering, but hopefully someone will take on this project and make it real. Soon.

Although… not so sure I want to get out of a nice hot shower and step onto that steel plate flooring, especially in the winter, or anytime with wet feet. Looks slippy.

That is damn impressive.

oregonbird says:

Not… not real? /sob!/ Of course, it would take such an overdose of testosterone to live there, I'm not sure anyone could survive. I'd be willing to volunteer to try… 🙂

victor says:

i love the renderings!!
what software are u using?

victor says:

i love the renderings!!
what software are u using?

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