Amy Bartlam

Posted on Mon, 13 Jan 2014 by KiM

It’s nice to see some photos of ordinary people’s homes every once in a while, where the decor is totally achievable. These spaces were beautifully captured by Los Angeles photographer Amy Bartlam.

I wish my 'ordinary' looked this good!

Melbourne Furniture says:

Love this. The yellow wallpaper is quite cheerful and the mannequin in the bedroom is adorable. Gorgeous photos.

oregonbird says:

Beautiful photography – interesting focal decisions. That spider-legged lighting in the dining room would cost a half-year's pay for me… really wish I was 'ordinary people'. 🙂 The wood-paneled bedroom is my favorite, but I'll add a vote for the chinoise room — it needs something to ground it, but what a great start.

Isobel says:

I saw the light on enay for $165!

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