New art in my home

Posted on Wed, 26 Feb 2014 by KiM

I wanted to share some new art I have hanging in my home. These pieces are alot more meaningful than all the other art in my home so I deemed them worthy of a post (hope you all agree).

My husband’s birthday was Friday. His 40th was last year and due to alot of chaos at the time, we didn’t do much and I didn’t get him anything special. When I found out a co-worker’s husband is a super talented art teacher, I immediately knew what I wanted to get Jeff as a present. When we lost our cat Cheeks in November, Jeff was absolutely devastated – moreso than I was as Cheeks was his little buddy for the past 10 years. I thought a portrait of Cheeks would be the perfect gift and a way to remember our special boy. The artist, Ranajit Sinha, chose this photo for the painting (and decided on oil/acrylic on canvas):

When Ranajit’s wife Gayatri brought the painting in to work, I balled my eyes out (I know that would happen so I made her bring it to my more private cubicle), and balled my eyes out with my husband when I gave it to him that night (and I’m fighting back tears as I write this).

It’s perfect. It’s SO Cheeks. Rana could not have done a better job. Thank you Gayatri and Rana. 🙂 (If anyone wants Rana’s contact info send me an email through our contact form – he’s looking for some side projects)

And on a much happier note, my blog buddy Peggy (also here) whom Jo and I have known since the beginnings of this blog, sent me some of her photographs she had printed. She did this a while back and we finally got around to getting them up on the wall. While I was in Mexico my husband cut and screwed a piece of OSB board into the wall in our upstairs hallway between the bathroom and dressing room – essentially the only wall I could make free in the house. I then just cut some pieces of neon pink duct tape and taped them to the wood. Peggy had thought we could make some rustic frames for them but this was a helluva lot easier and I think it looks really cool. Thank you Peggy for these awesome photos – I love my new art wall!

peggy says:

Kim, you honor me so! I love your home and I love your blog, so I am humbled and honored to see my art hanging in your home. I love your presentation, I like that it's sort of simple and primitive, as are the photos. You know have a piece of post-industrial Cleveland in your home! Thank you, it makes me so happy to see my art in homes that I love. I love the portrait of Cheeks. What a beautiful gift. Happy Birthday Jeff!

JEN says:

Wow- that painting is pretty amazing. Seriously beautiful cat. Love the new wall gallery too! Those pink tones are great!

louise says:

Beautiful story and wall gallery/Tribute!

Jeff says:

Thank-you all for the birthday wishes, much appreciated :). The painting is one of the best gifts I have ever received. It is a mix of emotions everytime I look at it, sad yet happy. And Peggy, love the photos you gave Kim, they look awesome on the wall upstairs.

– Jeff (AKA Husband)

Mrs. Tibbetts says:

I have a similar tribute to my "Pearl". I totally get it and my heart goes out to you both.

Gabi says:

all of this is so lovely, kim. i cannot get over the painting of cheeks!! the photographs look great as well 🙂

Sim says:

This made me almost cry! We love our cats too, they are so much part of our lives.. and that picture, its beautifully perfect. 🙂

peggy says:

Kim, I am obsessed with the light in your hallway!

KiM says:

Thanks everyone 🙂
Peggy, that light was a cheapy ($15 or thereabouts) outdoor light from Home Depot/Canadian Tire/Rona…one of those.

jja says:

Beautiful cat and beautiful gift!

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