Urrutia Design

Posted on Tue, 18 Mar 2014 by KiM

I looooove this home in Mill Valley, California. It was recently renovated, extended and decorated by Urrutia Design (principals are Jason Urrutia and Martha Carvalho). The interior is lovely (fabulous dining room!) but the landscaping and particularly the backyard oasis is a DREAM! The outdoor shower is so freaking cool – matching the tile to the cedar shingles. Brilliant!!

helen says:

I just love everything about this house especially the way the kitchen dinning room merge into the outside space. The cosy nooks and crannies are so inviting. Thank you for bring me a little piece of heaven today to brighten up a dull day here in Northern Ireland.

Ann says:

That is the most hot shit kitchen I've ever seen. My hat is off to the people who were willing to step outside the lines and go for gold. That is one hell of a concept. Congratulations to the owner, the designer and the builder. Ann

oregonbird says:

THREE eating areas in a row? Three? This reads 'corporate house' to me. It's beautiful, it's comfortable, it screams unostentatious cash well-spent, but it's set up for quiet wheeling & dealing, not for living in. You just know it gets loaded under 'business deduction' on the tax forms.

Ok … I'm dead … so perfect …

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