Cottonwood Farm

Posted on Mon, 24 Mar 2014 by midcenturyjo

Please, please, pretty please can I go to Cottonwood Farm? Right now? Do not pass go, do not collect $200? I’m exhausted. I think it’s Monday. I spent one day in bed and the rest of the long previous days at my new venture (more of that to come soon I hope). I think I deserve a fantasy break. In real life fabulous but even in my dreams pretty darn good. 61 private acres below a World Heritage National Park, stylish cottage, peace and quiet. Bliss. Ah! if only….

Oh, I'm right behind you. This place looks like pure tonic. Below zero AGAIN this morning. More snow than Everest (well, you know…feels like it). Spring, where art thou?????

looks amazing

I absolutely love this! thank you for sharing!

Donna DeMet says:

If possible, I would love to know the name/brand of the wood stove.

rooth says:

The seat right by the fireplace? That's my reading spot

Jill says:

Where is this? So beautiful! Would like to know – is it new or a reno?

Laura says:

If you ski, you wouldn't want the snow to melt. Although it's not yet, here in Alberta. This looks like the PERFECT ski lodge in the mountains!

Marissa says:

I would also like to know the brand name of the wood stove? It looks like a Hobbit, but the stand is nicer. Thanks!

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