Posted on Tue, 25 Mar 2014 by midcenturyjo

Dreams are made of this. The adaptive re-use of an old school hall, its new interior folding and unfolding within the original space. “… where to start when to blur when to infill what to leave out what to detail when to stop …” Westwyck Unit4 by Melbourne based multiplicity

Orjen says:

I can't believe that's what the outside of this place looks like! The interior looks so magistral that it creates a discrepancy that's hard to fathom. When I reached the very end of your post I started going back up starting from the bottom to make sense of it all.

centaurie says:

I never thought i'd be a fan of openplan houses, but man am I loving this one!!!!

oregonbird says:

I've given up bothering with interior photographs that shred the perspective. I can't *see* what the place actually looks like; the proportions are destroyed – when proportion is one of the most important values in architecture and decorating. I'm currently looking for a new place, and most of the real estate pics are so warped they're useless. It feels like someone handing you a cheap and obvious lie.

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